Malty Media is an electronic music alliance between Aquaboogie (Stuart McDonald) and Jet Jaguar (Michael Upton). As well as having released 3 EPs so far, we hosted a regular radio show which is archived here. Our two-hour sets featured a 50/50 split of our own material and electronica classics from the 70s, 80s, 90s, today, and tomorrow!

Multimedia from Malty Media no.4

It has come to our attention that some people would like to attend but Wednesday is not a good night, for reasons of choir and/or cricket practice and/or small children, so we've uploaded an excerpt from our most recent event. It's a half-hour 128kbs mp3 largely showcasing our DJ 'prowess', but with a couple of our own tunes tossed in. The file has been edited to get as much stuff in as possible, but no enhancements were made. All natural, all artificial.

The end of Malty Media (no. 4, anyway)

Wednesday night turned out really well, from a somewhat inauspicious start. Caught up in the small matter of buying a house, I got there half an hour late! Genius.

Stu played some super-early Kraftwerk material, The Black Dog and a great tune from Thomas Fehlmann's album from last year, Hönigpumpe, deigning to "welcome" me with Jean-Michel Jarre.

Malty Media no. 4

23/01/2008 18:00
23/01/2008 20:00

Yep, first session at Katipo Cafe for 2008. We took a bit of time off what with Christmas and so on, and plan to get back into it on a monthly basis.


Flyer for 23 January 2008 gig, showing giant sea scorpion

Report back from Katipo gig 3

The third Katipo gig was a lot more even-keel than previous our previous outings. We both kept the silly stuff to a minimum: I briefly played a hyperspatial treatment of the Robin of Sherwood theme, while Michael ended the set in spectacular fashion by dredging up a Bonanza Christmas special song and then redrowning Lorne Green in a pool of quicksilver reverb.

Retroactive Retrospective

Well, last night's brief set for Retroactive went down a treat, really.

As befits a radio station celebration, there were fans of many styles there, but it was nice to get some fairly... astonishing... responses from a couple of punters.   

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